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Your marketing team is busy publishing content and promoting your company. Your engineering team is overworked. Can you afford to pull those developers away, just to optimize your landing pages?

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Optimize page performance

Website speed is incredibly important and shouldn't be ignored. I can build performance-focused pages or improve your existing ones, while maintaining high-end benchmarks on Lighthouse audits.

Improve accessibility

The web should be accessible for everyone - especially for those with disabilities. In some cases it might even be illegal for your web pages to exclude those with special needs. I develop landing pages with user accessibility as the core baseline.

Increase user engagement

At the end of the day, your landing page should be generating traffic. If not, then the website is failing it's most important job. I'll drive more users through engaging design and cutting away unnecessary fluff.

Boost search engine placement

No black magic or black hat tactics here. I'll help edit your content to focus on the most important keywords your company is trying to target - all while avoiding shady practices to achieve it.

The man behind the curtain

Over 10 years of experience

I'm Brad, a web designer & developer from Canada. I'm passionate about a more performant, accessible and open web. I've been building websites for over 10 years - specifically within the marketing industry. I have worked with small independent shops, all the way up to enterprise level companies. In that time, I've gained a great deal of experience on how to create landing pages that convert.

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If you've come this far I think it's safe to say you might be interested in working together. Feel free to reach out and explain your project or issues.

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